08 Feb

A Wild Blog Appears

Welcome. My name is Chris, and I’ve been meaning to set up a website for a while. But, once I set out to put words onto the Internet, I had no idea what to write. Apparently this is quite common for writers.

On Thursday, I had an idea.

Every so often I see something that begs for a story: a garden gnome grinning at a half-buried G.I. Joe, an abandoned stroller, or a random person making a furious face into his phone across the street from me. Sometimes I manage to snap a picture before the moment passes. I tell myself I’ll go home and write about these pictures. And then I continue walking and forget about them for a month or two. But the stories remain in my head, floating around, waiting for me to sit down and write them.

Other times, a picture becomes part of a story in my life. My next post is about one of those.

I now have a large store of pictures waiting for me to write stories about them. Why not blog about them?

On Friday, I researched things like WordPress and Hosting.

On Saturday, I gave myself a pep talk. It sounded like this:

Dear self: You are under 35. The ability to set up a website should be in your DNA. This knowledge was pre-installed for all new babies starting around 1980, right? You’ll log in to the dashboard, close your eyes, and just *know* how to do this. No copious amount of chocolate, beer, or hiding in a corner while someone else fixes your mess will be required.

For reasons of brevity and certainly not for reasons that have anything to do with pride, I’ll skip the details of setting up my website. You probably wouldn’t want to know about any ritual sacrificing or emergency room visits that totally were not involved.

At any rate, I now have a website. I even have a name for the short stories I plan to write here: “Stories from Stills.”

I hope you like it!

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