13 Jan

Writing Event: Person, Place, Thing

A compilation of nine pictures. From top left: an Asian girl playing with bubbles in a park; a canal in Venice at sunset; a red acoustic guitar lying on a gray wooden floor; colorful paper lanterns hanging from a ceiling; a Black woman standing under an umbrella in the rain; an orange sunset behind an empty bench and a leafless tree; brick arches in a cellar; violets growing out of an old pair of boots; a white man with a thick gray mustache, curled at the ends.

UPDATE: I’m making a last-minute trip to Ohio to see a sick family member. My friend Stephanie will be hosting this event instead. She’s fabulous, and I know you all are going to have a great time with her. Write lots of awesome stories and please tell me all about it when I get back!

Winter’s a great time to begin writing something new, but it can be tough to shake off the gloom and get inspired. Why not get together with other awesome writers and tackle some writing prompts?

On Sunday, February 2, 4:00–8:00 p.m., we’ll gather at Friday Afternoon Tea to start some fresh stories.

All participants will bring nine pictures: three people, three places, and three things. (“People” is not limited to humans. I hear there may be dinosaurs…) See below for guidelines.

We’ll put the pictures in boxes labeled Person, Place, and Thing. Everyone will draw from the boxes. Then we’ll each begin a new story inspired by at least one of the pictures we’ve drawn. We’ll write for 45 minutes, take a short break, and draw new pictures.

After we finish three writing sessions, we’ll have the option to share a snippet with our table. I’ll also have special stickers for writers seeking critique partners or accountability buddies.

Since the last few events got a wee bit snug, this will be a free, ticketed event. Reserve your ticket here. ⭐⭐⭐

I hope to see you there!

~ Chris


Friday Afternoon Tea (4228 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103) is a wheelchair-accessible venue. Beverages start at $3. Some food and snacks are available to purchase. People may also bring outside food. There is free street parking around the shop. The 62 bus stops across the street, and the 44 stops a few blocks up the hill.

Guidelines for pictures:

Pictures must fit into a shoebox (folded or otherwise). You will not get the pictures back at the end of the event; participants are welcome to take the pictures they draw home with them.

This event is a safe space, and writers of all ages are welcome. Please do not bring pictures depicting sex, violence, racism, cultural appropriation, discrimination, or anything that could require a content warning. Please also avoid pictures of famous people from reality or fiction. Baby Yoda, while adorable, may not be the best writing prompt for original fiction. 🙂

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