29 Apr

The Beginnings of The Good Ship Whimsy

My biggest writing problem is letting go of things and sending them out into the world. Ideas push their way into my head and bloom on paper, and then I shut them up in file cabinets and hard drives, where they languish for years. So, maybe it’s fitting that this story began from something floating free: a dandelion seed.

About a month ago I decided to get a tattoo. Read More

10 Apr

The Stroller’s Lament: a Tale of Heartbreak and Unjust Persecution

At first, it seemed a simple task. Tall concrete barriers restrained the sand before me and shaded my black frame from the sun. I beheld the gentle blonde slope with no trepidation. Why would I, veteran of many Death-Defying Morning Dashes with the Family Dog and proud survivor of The Zoo of Perpetual Wailing? Gentle reader, I have faithfully carried my young charge through many a kicking. The Dreaded Dropped Pacifier no longer daunts me. I am a soldier of the stroller army, and I have ground my wheels through mud and much worse.

Little did I know what those harmless-seeming grains had in store for me. Read More

26 Mar


Quoth the raven, “Mmphhmm!”

Quoth the raven, “Mmphhmm!”

Gentle readers and fellow scribblers, on Monday, March 31st, I will begin a game with a cabal of other creatives on Twitter. At 6 p.m. PDT, I will tweet the most overblown opening line I can concoct in 140 characters. Another author will add the next line, perhaps mentioning heaving bosoms or a mysterious and alluring stranger. And, lo, we shall unleash a storm of fiction unto the Twitterverse. Purple prose will majestically sweep forth to darken the scene. Furious flashes of fractured alliteration will fly. Together, we shall bring forth a monster of a story, and we shall call it… #badfiction!

Feel free to follow me, @chendersonbauer, and join my little game. The water will be filled with sharks, dragons, and possibly even unicorn sailors. Rumors of marshmallow-covered zombierotica have surfaced from the deep. What could possibly go wrong?

13 Mar

Short Stories on the Spot

Dee has much nicer handwriting than I do.


If you would like to donate to the Hanway-Wong family or if you would like more information about the fundraiser I participated in on Sunday, please check out the Facebook page or the GoFundMe page.

Last Sunday I participated in a fundraiser for a woman who just lost her husband to cancer and is now supporting their two children, both under the age of three, by herself. The main event was a silent auction, full of amazing services and goods donated by friends and businesses in Seattle. There were two full bars and plentiful delicious food. And there was also me, tucked away in a corner of the room, writing compliments for people in exchange for donations. Read More